Are you looking for a job in Germany which suits your qualifications?

If you have graduated from a German higher education institution, a residence permit can be extended for up to 18 months to enable you to look for a suitable job if your livelihood is secure (§ 20 subsection 3 No. 1 residence act). The residence permit only entitles you to probationary employment of up to ten hours per week (§ 20 subsection. 1 sentence 4 residence act). 

If you have successfully completed professional vocational training, you may be able to receive a residence permit valid for up to one year, subject to specific preconditions (§ 20 subsection 3 No. 3 and No. 4 residence act).

Pursuant to Section 20 subsection 2 of the Residence Act an applicant who has a foreign higher education qualification comparable to a German and whose livelihood is secured can be granted a residence permit to find a job suitable for the qualification for up to six months.

If the applicant finds an employer within half a year, he / she does not have to leave, but can apply for the necessary residence permit, blue card EU or branch permit directly in Germany. The visa for job search is intended to help small and medium-sized enterprises, which have tended to orient their employment search to a regional level.

However, the residence permit does not entitle to employment. A renewal of residence is excluded. A residence permit can only be granted once the applicant has resided abroad for at least as long as he / she has previously resided on the basis of a residence permit in the Federal territory.