Application Process and Requirements for Blue Card EU


If you intend to immigrate to Germany by getting a Blue Card and you want to know whether you are eligible to apply for this type of residency, you may take a look at this text before starting your application.

For starting a Blue Card process, you MUST be a NON-EU Citizen.

1. Only non-EU citizens

can enter into this process. Furthermore, you must have a recognized academic degree (Bachelor, Master or PhD) from a recognized university. If you graduated from a non-German University, your degrees shall be evaluated in Germany via ANABIN database portal. *

The degrees less valuable than Bachelor, such as Associate degrees taking less than three years study at a university, WILL NOT BE RECOGNIZED as an academic degree in the German academic system.

2. A concrete job offer related to your studies with minimum gross salary threshold as below:

A work contract with a minimum wage level or a guaranteed job offer from an employer in Germany with a description of the salary and duration of the employment contract. For a number of professions that are especially in demand and lack specialists, including: natural scientists, mathematicians, engineers, Doctor of Medical Sciences (excluding dentists) and qualified academic staff in the field of information and communication, the estimated salary should be at least 41,808 Euro per year. For specialists in other fields, the estimated salary for 2020 are for professions in demand 43.056 € and 55.200 € for other professions.

3. A written declaration

by the future employer which describes the job and salary and duration of the work contract.

4.The application form

which might be prepared by the applicant or the employer or a lawyer.

5.Relevant professional experience

(like a testimony form the former employers)

6.CV or resume which shows the applicant’s academic and professional skills.

For preparing a CV according the EU regulations, check the link below:

7.A valid passport

8.Two biometric photos

9.The German language certificate

in most cases is not an obligatory requirement but in some jobs like medical services, a sufficient knowledge of German language might be required.

  • For recognition of your academic degrees you must send your documents (German translations and legalized) via mail to „Zentralstelle für ausländisches Bildungswesen” (ZAB) and pay the evaluation fees.

  • For more information see link below:

The holders of EU Blue Card enjoy several specific benefits as follow:

  • The right to apply for a permanent residence permit after 33 months. If the applicant has a sufficient knowledge of German language this period might be reduced to 21 months.
  • The right to leave the country for 12 months without losing their residency.
  • The unlimited right to work in any kind of job for their family members.
  • The right to move and work in all Blue Card EU members in EU after 18 months.

Which EU Countries issuing the EU Blue Card?

Czech Republic

Please note that:

All the information in this website has been prepared according the German immigration regulations and each of these EU countries might have their own restrictions for issuing a Blue Card EU.