German Flag integrated in the EU

What are the benefits of the Blue Card EU?

There are many advantages to the Blue Card, other than the working and living conditions. Potential holders are granted the right to move freely throughout the EU. Owners of an EU Blue Card in Germany can also apply for a settlement permit, which grants permanent residency. For the permit to be issued, an employment of at least 33 months, in a highly skilled position, is mandatory. As well as having simultaneously paid into a retirement scheme. Individuals already in possession of an EU Blue Card, who also have adequate knowledge of the German language (confirmed by an accredited certificate, i.e. Level B1), can apply for the settlement permit after just 21 months.

After a period of 18 months, holders of the EU Blue Card can apply to move to another EU Member State, without a visa. A term of one month is then granted, in order to apply for highly qualified employment and the relevant Blue Card regarding the newly chosen Member State.

The EU Blue Card includes further advantages for family members.

  • Spouses are not required to have prior knowledge of the German language before entering the country, in order to obtain a residence permit. It is also possible for spouses to apply for dependent and independent employment, without any restrictions and immediately upon arrival (section 27 subs. 5 of the Residence Act).
  • Owners of the EU Blue Card and their family members may spend up to to twelve consecutive months outside of the EU, without losing their residence title.