Residence Visa in Germany

Residence Permit for Investors, Entrepreneurs & Business Owners in Germany

Sources: (Quellen)

  • § 21 AufenthG
  • §§ 17, 37 AufenthV
  • § 30 BeschV
  • Ziff. 21 VwV-AufenthG

Obtaining permission to work in Germany as an investor/entrepreneur can be a complicated process and requires a profound working knowledge of the different visa options that are available. Jaberi lawyer advises businesses and individuals to navigate this process with optimal efficiency and minimal expense.

Our legal firm has focused on assisting entrepreneurs, business owners and investors to attain their immigration goals. We assist clients from all over the world in coming to Germany and establishing new businesses, acquiring existing businesses and making investments in a manner that enables our clients to obtain an applicable visa.

Entrepreneurs / Investors from non-EU countries, who manage the company in Germany as self-employed persons, have the possibility to apply residence permit for their company management in Germany according to § 21 Residence Act.

§ 21 Self-employment (Residence Act)

(1) A foreigner may be granted a residence permit for the purpose of self-employment, if
1. an economic interest or a regional need applies,
2. the activity is expected to have positive effects on the economy and
3. personal capital on the part of the foreigner or a loan undertaking is available to realise the business idea.
The assessment of the conditions under sentence 1 depends in particular on the sustainability of the underlying business idea, the business experience of the foreigner, the amount of invested capital, the impact on employment and training situation and the contribution to innovation and research.
(2) …

Establishing or Expanding your Business in Germany: The Business Plan
Is a business plan important?


When applying for a business investment visa (§ 21 Residence Act), expanding or starting a business in Germany, a business plan can be crucial. This is especially the case with smaller businesses that have lower revenues or lower numbers of employees. New businesses are also entities for which foreigners Authority, Consular Officers and e.g. Chamber of Commerce expect a detailed business plan laying out the growth strategy of the firm in Germany.

The business plan is your opportunity to explain your business concept to the immigration authorities who will make a decision on your visa case. We believe part of our success rate with permit residence self-employed business visa is, in part, attributable to the time and focus we spend working with clients, understanding their business and formulating their business plans.

The residence permit for self-employed persons is limited, usually up to three years. If the investment project has been successful (and success and livelihood continue to be ensured), an (unlimited) settlement permit residence can be applied for after three years.
For the development of your entrepreneurial concept you can rely on our experience. We will create a customized concept based on your business idea and advise you throughout the process.

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