Pre-requirements for Multi Schengen Visa for 5 Years

1. Residence permits are finally / eventually regulated by the Residence Act. If somebody plans several short stays in Germany and does not aim for a permanent residence, a visa according to § 6 AufenthG might be taken into consideration.

2. Basically, such a visa is issued only with a validity period of 3 months. In this case, the visitor is allowed either single or multiple entry into the Schengen States.

3. However, there is a possibility to obtain an “annual visa”. This is a Schengen visa according to § 6 AufenthG, which is issued with a one-year or multi-year validity and entitles to a three-month stay per half-year and to multiple entry. The basis for this is Article 24 (2) of the Visa Code, which has been in force since April 2010 in all contracting states.

4.The requirements are as follows:
a) The applicant must prove that he
or she is forced, especially for professional reasons, to travel frequently or regularly to Germany. The intention to do so must be justified, as is the case, for example, with business people, government officials traveling on a regular basis to official visits to Member States or institutions of the European Union, representatives of civil society organizations traveling for participation in vocational training, seminars and conferences.

(b) The applicant must prove his or her integrity and reliability, in particular with regard to the lawful use of uniform visas or visas with limited territorial validity previously granted to him. His or her economic situation in the State of origin and the intention to actually leave the territory of the Member States before the expiry of the requested visa, the economic situation of the applicant as well as the family situation (important for the assessment of readiness to return) will play a major role in this.

c) As a rule, a multi-year visa is only issued if the applicant has already proven in the context of a one-year visa (in particular compliance with the permitted residence times and use for the intended legal residence purpose). That first of all, the applicant should enter Germany twice with a normal short-stay visa (maximum validity of 3 months) to qualify for the one-year visa.

5. The visa must be applied for at the German embassy in that country the applicant lives in. The business partner has to be officially invited for this purpose.

The invitation
You should indicate in your invitation, which should be created on an official letterhead and the personal details of the invitee, the business reason for the invitation, details of the applicant’s lodgings and further details of the planned stay. The applicant would need to have a valid passport and be able to provide proof of his finances.

The embassy will review the financial security of travel and subsistence expenses and the financial and material roots of the applicant in the country of origin through the following documents:

Evidence of the applicant’s professional situation such as letters of recommendation from for example the employer, from which their professional activity and their duration result and merit or pension certificate.

Evidence of the business existence of the applicant, such as Gazette on company formation, social security list, study certificate, if applicable, business license, trading card, production permit and copies of these documents.

Proof of real estate ownership (presentation of the land register and copy) or

– Rental contract (original and copy) and

-Account statements for the past three months or

-Further evidence to document the rooting of the applicant in his country. The forms required for your application will be made available to all applicants at the German Embassy in the country of origin. In some individual cases, additional documents (e.g., previous business correspondence as well as for example, evidence of imported goods, etc.) may be required. If all documents are submitted on time to the German embassy, then the processing time should not exceed 2 weeks. In problematic cases, it can take a lot longer.

In exceptional cases, a business visa may be issued for a period of two, three or a maximum of five years, whereby even then a stay of no more than three months per half-year is permitted.

The following should be noted in case of business partner’s invitation:

• Invitation letter on company letterhead (with exact company name and address)

• Addressing the invitation to the German Embassy / Consulate General (depending on jurisdiction) in the country where the visitor is coming from.

•Subject „Visa-issuance “

• name of the company in the partner country together with the indication that it is a business partner of the German company; also detailed information about the reason for the visit.

• Name of the employee of this company for whom the visa is to be issued (first and last name, date of birth, ID number)

• Duration of the visit with date of entry and departure (possibly longer period with repeated entry and exit: Whether possible, depends on the approval of the German Embassy). It must definitely be laid down who pays for the costs of the stay including health insurance:

– Either the inviting company will bear these costs, then it must be explicitly stated in the letter of invitation that the company assumes the costs according to §§66-68 Residence Act as well as the costs for the necessary health insurance, valid for the Federal Republic of Germany and the Schengen states.

– Alternatively, the company may also note that the invited person pays the costs and health insurance himself. This information will be checked by the German Embassy / Consulate General (depending on jurisdiction).

– It is also possible to cover part of the costs, such as subsistence costs, while the health insurance has been taken out by the person invited.

• Signature of the managing director or owner.