Why invest in Germany?

Germany is one of the most attractive business locations in the world. Investors will find an
economic environment
that is stable and innovative.
Germany attracts as many foreign investors as never before. In 2015 the investors launched 1912 settlement projects, almost 60 percent more than in the previous record year 2014.
Germany scores with its large market, stable conditions and its good domestic economy. Its location in the heart of Europe makes Germany attractive, as the entire European single market can be reached from here.

10 Reasons for investment in Germany

  1. Leading economy. Germany is the driving force behind the European economy. The great German domestic market and easy access to growing markets in the enlarged European Union, is another plus point.
  2. Global Player. Germany is the third largest exporting nation. Germany is a business location of world class.
  3. High productivity. High performance and quality is the secret of Germany’s competitiveness.
  4. Excellent specialists. Germany has highly qualified, motivated and responsible professionals.
  5. High innovative power. Germany is the No. 1 research location in Europe.
  6. Outstanding infrastructure. Located right in Europe, Germany is the No.1 in the logistics business. Germany has a dense network of highways, railways and international airports. The Port of Hamburg is one of the largest container transshipment centers in Europe. The communication infrastructure is expanded excellent throughout the country.
  7. Competitive tax rates. Germany offers a highly competitive tax system for companies, combining flexibility and simplicity with moderate tax rates. The standard corporate income tax (Körperschaftsteuer) rate amounts to a flat 15% rate on all corporation taxable earnings.
  8. High legal certainty security. As a modern state, Germany offers your company the necessary security. Contractual agreements are thought to be secure and intellectual property is strictly protected.

  9. Open market. Germany is an open market and very open to foreign investors. The German market is open to entrepreneurial investment in practically all areas. There are no longer state-controlled industries.
  10. First-class quality of life. Germany is a modern, safe, cosmopolitan country with a high quality of life. Health care, sports and leisure facilities, education, landscape and culture are some of the reasons why Germany has become for more than seven million people to adoptive country.